The Big Soup Share

On Thursday 12th October we held our first ever Big Soup Share. It was a success, all the soups were made from our own school produce. The most popular soup was tomato soup but it was all delicious!                                        by Harriett, year 6


Peeling and prepping

The turnips were being peeled today in preparation for soup making for the Big Soup Share. It was a beautiful sunny day and a good day to harvest the apples from the wildlife area, which will also be used to make soup. On the menu will be parsnip and apple soup, tomato soup and bean and potato soup. Children are making posters for the Soup Share for homework.
There’s also a book sale planned for the 19th of October.


What super homework was produced by Eco-squad this week! Their task was to make figures or faces using recyclable materials. They have enjoyed themselves making their creations! I like to try and work out who they are and where the packaging comes from. Any ideas?


Harvest time

Eco-squad had a lovely time in the sunshine today with Mrs Bicknell harvesting the crops from our raised beds. We are looking forward to taking part in the Big Soup Share. This Autumn the RHS Campaign for school gardening turns 10 years old and the Big Soup Share is being used to mark the milestone birthday. Schools are being encouraged to make soup using the produce that they have grown (because we all know home-grown food tastes the best)! Our soup will contain tomatoes, beans and parsnips.





Planting trees at the Langford Drive housing development

Derek Ailes from the Parish Council sent Eco-squad this lovely email back in April:

Can I thank you ….but most of all the children for all the help, enthusiasm and work you have put into the area of natural habitat on Jigneys Meadow. I am personally so excited that now the village own Jigneys how much more we can all get out of the land. Habitat for wild life, creating areas of natural beauty with plants galore, recreation and sports areas which can never be taken away from our children and our village.

Can I once again thank the School, the children and you personally for your input and hope that many generations continue to get the same great enjoyment.