Eco squad investigate greener building techniques

The building site adjacent to the school playground has provided our Eco squad with a unique opportunity to look at how modern building techniques create more comfortable and energy efficient homes for people.
During meetings, held at school, the Eco squad members had been examining samples of some of the special insulating and soundproofing materials, used in the new houses that Ray, manager from the building site had given to us.
Follow this On Thursday 24th November Eco squad donned wellies and hard hats and went to the new houses next door to search out places where the special materials had been used. They were extremely observant and soon found where the materials were located. Well done.
Ray and his team of craftsmen did a wonderful job of explaining the different trades that were needed to complete the building. Eco squad had great fun testing how good the soundproof floors were by stamping very hard upstairs with people listening below and making sure the fire alarm worked and could be heard from everywhere on site.
Back at school Eco squad wrote up their findings and a display will soon be up on the Eco Squad Board. Please take a look!

Energy in our Homes



In the next half term, we will be visiting the building site next to school to talk about the types of renewable energy which will be used in the new homes, as well as the types of insulation and energy saving materials which are used to construct the homes.

We would like Eco Squad to find out:-

What energy they use at home i.e. oil or gas and how much?

How much electricity they consume at home?

We can then discuss how we might cut down on energy consumption at home and then compare the materials used in the new house vs our homes.



New Eco Squad

The newly elected Eco Squad meet on Thursday for their first meeting.


Welcome to:

Jonty and Harry

Charlie and Harriett

Jacques and Rachel

Cara and Bethan

Theo and William

Jasper and Dylan

We took part in a discussion about Eco Squad, what we have done in the past and what we might like to do in the future.

A homework challenge was set and we are very much looking forward to seeing the recycled collages introducing you, to put on our Eco display.



Green Flag Renewal


Today, was a special day for Eco Squad.  We had to renew our prestigious Ec0-Schools Green Flag award.  Frankie, Grace and Harry were very organised and had written notes for their meeting with the Eco-Schools inspector and were very knowledgeable about all aspects of our school eco ethos.  They gave a top notch tour of the school, our chickens and our grounds.

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our Green Flag.  Out of 426 schools registered with Eco Schools in Essex, we are one of only 19 that hold the Green Flag.  Our Eco Squad and the school as a whole, should be incredibly proud of this achievement – you have all worked very hard to achieve this.

Going on a Bug Hunt

This week, some of our play leaders collaborated with Eco Squad to formulate a system for offering bug hunting as lunch time activity.

All of the kit (which we had with made or recycled) was put to great use and a huge array of bugs were uncovered and identified – this certainly is going to be a fun activity for our play leaders to run.  We intend to also have a ‘bug diary’ in which we will input what we found on what day.



Eco Play Leaders

This week in our weekly meeting, Eco Squad have been finishing getting their bug hunting kit finished.  We have written the rules for bug hunting, collected recycled materials (old spoons, egg boxes and plastic vegetable trays) to use to house any bugs which we want to study.

Next week, we aim to trial a bug hunt at lunch time with a view to then showing our play leaders how to run bug hunts as part of their lunchtime activities.

Busy Eco Squad

Eco Squad had an incredibly busy afternoon today.  First of all we leant all about the importance of bees from our visitor Heidi.


We then completed our bug hunting materials – hanging our spotter guides (with the help of Stewart) and laminating our bug hunting rules.  We will be holding bug hunts as part of  playleader activities at lunchtimes.  Thank you Stewart!


In Class Lowry, the ‘Rocket Science’ experiment has come to an end so Eco Squad composted the redundant rocket and then recycled any plastic seed trays.

It was then time to tidy up the pond in the school garden; there was lots of weed which needed clearing, so armed with skimming nets, we managed to clear a significant amount of it.

Finally, as we have recently purchased a new battery for the chicken run, we needed to hold  a book sale to recoup (sorry for the pun) some of those costs.  Eco Squad worked as a team, bringing all the books out, Jonty produced posters and everyone worked very hard selling the books after school.  A fantastic £25 was raised.  Thank you to everyone how supported us.